The trio’s new CD – SOME PART OF SOMETHING – is now available!

Reviews coming in:  “Flawless coming together of cross-genre, mixed influence, multicultural music… sublimely melody and intensely gorgeous -Folkwords

“Sparkling innovation soaking through a subtle miasma of style and influence” -Folkwords

“An appealing and distinctive blend that’s unusal for bluegrass-oriented combos” -Living Tradition

“Take a North American harp maestro, pitch her against a Scottish Bluegrass dobro aficionado and mix in an Irish percussive magician wielding the bodhran and the result is a surprisingly relaxing collection of traditional music” –



Autumn 2013

Recording this summer has been in full force with projects underway in Alaska with Tory Dugan on fiddle and in Germany with the 7-piece Homebound band. Can’t wait to hear the end results!  Will be back in Germany again in January to finish up that recording.

Back in Scotland, I’m back to a full rota of students, with nearly 50 (!!) locally including at my new school – Glasgow High.  I’m still travelling to Holland about every six weeks to give workshops and private lessons in Leerdam as well.

The hills are beautiful colours this time of year!