Here is the link for buying the new North Atlantic Trio CD:

The great reviews are still coming in:

4 stars.  “a particular tasty transatlantic crossover” -Songlines

“The trio’s exploration of musical realms is intriguing, thought-provoking, and inspiring.” -Folk Harp Journal

Exciting news is an upcoming tour with Ronstadt Generations in Arizona this March!  I first played with the band in a short tour this autumn, and had a great time!  We’ll be teaching and playing at the first annual Common Ground on the Border as well as the Arizona Folklore Preserve.  I’ll also be doing a few solo concerts with Michael G Ronstadt on cello.

After that comes a hectic April with trips to Holland (De Zingende Snaar Harpen), Germany (Harfenfruhling), and the Edinburgh Harp Festival for a concert with the trio and some bluegrass harp workshops!  Check out the Dates page for more information!


The trio’s new CD – SOME PART OF SOMETHING – is now available!

Reviews coming in:  “Flawless coming together of cross-genre, mixed influence, multicultural music… sublimely melody and intensely gorgeous -Folkwords

“Sparkling innovation soaking through a subtle miasma of style and influence” -Folkwords

“An appealing and distinctive blend that’s unusal for bluegrass-oriented combos” -Living Tradition

“Take a North American harp maestro, pitch her against a Scottish Bluegrass dobro aficionado and mix in an Irish percussive magician wielding the bodhran and the result is a surprisingly relaxing collection of traditional music” –



Autumn 2013

Recording this summer has been in full force with projects underway in Alaska with Tory Dugan on fiddle and in Germany with the 7-piece Homebound band. Can’t wait to hear the end results!  Will be back in Germany again in January to finish up that recording.

Back in Scotland, I’m back to a full rota of students, with nearly 50 (!!) locally including at my new school – Glasgow High.  I’m still travelling to Holland about every six weeks to give workshops and private lessons in Leerdam as well.

The hills are beautiful colours this time of year!

Summer 2013

The days are just flying by!  The North Atlantic Trio has finished recording, and thanks to great support through our fundraising campaign, are looking forward to producing the new debut album soon!  The tracks are sounding great!  Album photoshoot coming up!

Homebound is also going strong, planning out sets for a new CD to be recorded this August. 

Besides some exciting band concerts coming up, I’m looking forward to going to Washington DC for two weeks in July for my favourite teaching event at Common Ground on the Hill.  I always come away feeling inspired!

In unrelated other news, I just did my first ever ultra race, 53 miles!  Whew!

I can’t figure out how to take off the ‘Christmas Sale’ on the Parallel Latitudes album, so take advantage of all-year Christmas!  🙂

New Review, Trio recording, Christmas Sale

A new Parallel Latitudes album REVIEW from the Irish Music Magazine:  “It’s musically courageous, and it works. I expect to hear others repeating the formulas: you know how it is with imitation and flattery… which is to say Cheyenne has paid her dues and now is a mainstream mover.”  Read it all on the Reviews page.

The North Atlantic Trio is back in RECORDING MODE this weekend for a spring album release, getting very excited!

Christmas is coming and the Parallel Latitudes CHRISTMAS SALE is on again!  Listen or purchase HERE

Cheyenne Brown ‘Homebound’ video makes top listing of harp YouTubes videos published by the Harp Column magazine

Exciting news that the premier American pedal harp magazine, the ‘Harp Column’ has listed one of my solo videos from a Homebound performance as one of the ’33 Best Harp Videos on YouTube’.
“The mark of a really creative performance is when a harpist can remind her fellow harpists exactly how versatile and unexpected the harp can be. Alaskan-born, Scottish based harper Cheyenne Brown delivers exactly that in this performance clip. Her jazzy-bluesy music slowly morphs into something jazzy-Scottish sounding. Her music is free and creative and improvisational-feeling. Throw in a lot of precise lever work and “bent” notes and you’ve got a winning combination.”

See the video in the ‘Gallery’ page.


Wow, what unfortunate weather Scotland’s been having this summer! Luckily I’ve been out and about abroad quite a bit so haven’t been too rained out! I had such a spectacular time at this summer’s Common Ground on the Hill in Maryland, USA. Besides my lovely harp students in three great classes, I was fortunate to participate in a gospel choir, a breakdancing class, some yoga, and met a lot of fabulous blues musicians! Blues harp, coming soon!!

Coming up soon is teaching at Germany’s Interkeltisches Folkfestival, and then a jam-packed weekend of concerts, workshops, and private lessons to celebrate the opening of a new harp store in Leerdam, in the Netherlands. Then a bit of a tromp around Mont Blanc, but that will be harp-free…

Later on in August, the North Atlantic Trio will be heading down to the UK’s biggest bluegrass gathering, the Didmartin Bluegrass Festival, to do a mainstage slot on the Saturday afternoon. Closer to home, we’ll be playing in Glasgow on Sept 15th at the Griffin (nr Charing Cross) in a double bill with the John Hinshelwood Band.

Happy Summer and hope to see you soon!

Cafe Cossachok gig this Sunday!

Come along this Sunday the 20th of May to have a relaxed evening with the North Atlantic Trio at Cafe Cossachok in the Merchant City, Glasgow. Why not join us for dinner before the concert starts at 9pm? Delicious food!

Winter/Spring update

Hi there! Exciting prospects in the pipeline with a debut album in the future for the North Atlantic Trio, and a new duo project with improvising fiddler extraordinaire Tory Dugan from Alaska!

Looking forward to the second trip to Germany of the year coming up in March, this time to a new area – Hof in eastern Germany. Workshops and several concerts to look forward to there.

Christmas Sale!

Parallel Latitudes is at a 20% discount for the two weeks leading up til Christmas, only £9 for UK and £10 for the rest of the world! Stock up on your Christmas pressies now! Two new reviews in from the American magazines Harp Column and Folk Harp Journal, check out the reviews page.

I’ll be starting a beginners harp class in Milngavie in January, on Tuesdays 3:30-4:30. Harps provided. Email for further info! If you’ve always wanted to give the harp a try, now’s your chance!

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