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Adding the harp to your wedding day is a wonderful way
to make your special day stand out.

The ethereal sounds of the harp wafting through your chosen venue could be the first impressions your guests have of the big day whilst they are entering and seating.  The sound and the aesthetic of the harp add an air of elegance to any setting.  For the bride’s entry, live music adds such an extraordinary layer to make it a truly memorable moment.

With years of professional experience, Cheyenne has been performing at weddings and events since 2002.  She has a wide variety of repertoire, from classical to film to pop and of course traditional Scottish music.  She is happy to take requests for the bride’s entry, during the signing of the register, and for the exit.  Please contact Cheyenne for her current repertoire list.

Cheyenne is based near Inverness and specialises in Highland weddings, but is happy to travel across Scotland.



The ceremony package includes up to a half hour of music while your guests are being seated in your ceremony venue.  The elegance of the harp sets the mood for the ceremony to come.  This package includes all the music for your ceremony: bridal entry, signing of the register, any hymns, and bridal party exit.  Requests can be accommodated for music during the ceremony during the entry, signing and exit.  Live music during your ceremony makes all the difference to a seamless flow, as Cheyenne will adapt to the circumstances and make the music fit the exact length of time required.


The reception package includes up to two hours of music during your drinks reception.  After your ceremony has finished, your guests will appreciate some beautiful background music while they mingle.  This sets a delightful backdrop to the atmosphere of your reception.  Often the bride and groom are busy taking photographs during this moment, and entertainment for the guests is a wonderful addition to your day.  Cheyenne has a 3+ hour repertoire of pop, modern, classical, soundtracks and traditional Scottish music.

Ceremony + Drinks Package

To create the ultimate elegant atmosphere, consider having harp in both the ceremony and the drinks reception.  This includes music as the guests are being seated, your choice of music during the ceremony, and up two hours during the drinks reception.  The harp is portable and it is possible to move it between rooms and venues, indoors and outdoors.  Having the harp as the first sound guests hear entering your venue, to bringing the bride down the aisle for the ceremony, to having it as a relaxing elegant backdrop to your reception will be the perfect transition through to your evening meal.

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